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Gravity Flow v2.7.5 – WordPress business process automation

Gravity Flow is a premium WordPress plugin built to automate repetitive business processes. In addition, it strengthens control and accounting, increases information transparency, minimizes errors, and clarifies responsibilities. Gravity Flow is suitable for all types of businesses.

Info: https://gravityflow.io/

Gravity Flow features:
– Workflows can be performed by many users
– Storing forms in your personal cloud for maximum security
– Improving communication and reducing user confusion
– Editing resubmit forms
– Tracking user activity with Timeline and Activity Logs
– Assign actions, roles, or email attachments to internal and external users
– Send automatic welcome emails to users without using a third party responder
– Receive automatic updates in just one click in the console for added security

With Gravity Flow, you can create custom web forms that can be sent to users. Users simply add something to the process and send it on until the process is complete.


Gravity Flow Checklists 1.0-beta-3
Gravity Flow Flowchart Extension v1.2
Gravity Flow Folders v1.3
Gravity Flow Form Connector v1.6
Gravity Flow Incoming Webhook v1.2
Gravity Flow Parent-Child Forms Extension v1.2
Gravity Flow PayPal Extension v1 .2
Gravity Flow PDF Generator Extension v1.2
Gravity Flow Vacation Requests Extension v1.3


⚙️ Format : Gravity Form
💽 Size :  765 KB
🔗 Source : freehackingtricksandtips.xyz

Download Gravity Form

📥 Download From (Ice Drive)
📥 Download From (UsersDrive)

Download Addons

📥 Download From (Ice Drive)
📥 Download From (UsersDrive)

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