Mesmerizing Pictures Of Children That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Children are the human form of GOD! No matter how tensed or angry you are, children have a superpower to make us smile and you cannot deny it. If you love kids, here we have a treat for you! We have got you a series of mesmerizing pictures that will surely take your breath away! These pictures are captured by a 35-year-old award-winning children photographer, Giedre Gomes. The photographer is herself a mother of two.

Kids seem to like me a lot. Raising two at home, I know how to communicate with them, things they like, I know how to make them laugh (no fake smiles allowed!). When I’m around little kids, I consider myself a “clown”. I’m loud and crazy, I dance and sing “baby shark” a lot,” said the photographer.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and have a look at the mesmerizing pictures of children.

1. Seeing these innocent faces is a bliss!

2. Aww-dorable!

3. Her hair is divine. I’m jealous!

4. What an expressive face!

5. The cutest kid with the cutest kitties.

6. She looks like an angle directly coming from heaven.

7. The smile and colorful dress will fill make your day even more colorful.

8. I love the colors in this picture and she is so cute.

9. Absolutely adorable!

10. This should be the most expensive picture ever! After all, it has two prettiest princesses in one frame.

11. Their smile seems so infectious.

12. Her smile and eyes will surely take your breath away.

13. Queen of clovers!

14. Her innocence will melt your heart.

15. She looks even more innocent in this one!

16. Her beauty will definitely make your heart skip a beat.

17. I just love her eyes!

18. Picture perfect!

19. She looks like an interesting kid.

20. So pretty!

21. Stunning picture!

22. Those Eyes…

23. Speechless.

24. A picture from heaven.

25. I cannot decide who is cuter, can you?

26. Beauty!

27. She looks like a soft cotton ball.

28. The gentle kid!

29. Prettiest!

30. And here’s the showstopper.



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