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WP Safelink Plugin v4.3.11 With Key Free Download [Client Version Included]

WP Safelink – Converter Your Download Link to Adsense Features: –

  • Generate link automatically
    Automatically turns all external links into links that make money on a special page that is a safe link for Adsense ads.
  • Generate link manually
    In addition to automatic link generation, these plugins also have manual link generation that can be used to generate internal links.
  • Generate new short & long link
    In v3.0 there are additional short links that can show shorter links to make them look more professional.
  • Counter view & click
    Complementary features in WP Safelink v3.0 can count the number of visitors who click on the converter link, making it easy to manage the links that are clicked.
  • Three permalink
    There are three types of permalinks in the new version of WP Safelink. These 3 types of permalinks can help display more perfectly running Adsense ads.
  • Anti adblock
    Block pages from visitors using the adblock extension, this will help produce perfect CTR value.
  • New unlimited redirect side loop
    You can use wp safelink and redirect to another wp safelink website with simple steps. So you can use the maximum potential for making money.
  • New Adlinkfly integration
    You can integrate WP Safelink into the Adlinkfly script so that you can use Adsense for your Adlinkfly shortlink and make money together.
  • New WP Safelink Client
    Integrate your download blog with your WP Safelink website like it has never been easier with WP Safelink Client.

Download WP Safelink With License Key- 445 KB – IceDrive

Download WP Safelink With License Key – 445 KB – GoogleDrive

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