22 Funny Images Which Narrate The Life Of Bachelor Vs Married Men

They say marriages are made in heaven, now, how far this is true, only the men who are tied in the knot will be able to tell. Life after marriage changes entirely for men, who before were enjoying their singlehood is now, bound to a partner with added responsibilities. The individualism, freedom, and all the independence gets converted to family and interdependence, they are like a bird without wings. Here are some images that narrate this conversion.

1. Movie Watching

Men deliberately watched horror movies because their partner’s shock was their surprise, before getting married. Now, after marriage, horror movies have turned so boring and does not contain any surprises.


2. All In The Name Of Love

Before marriage, men were ever ready to do anything for their love, with great enthusiasm. But after marriage, that enthusiasm disappears and is replaced with reluctance, even when getting rid of the garbage.


3. Bathroom Stage

As a single man before, the bathroom hardly occupied many things, but now, after marriage, there are plenty of items, that have taken up space. Of course, ladies products.


4. Responsibilities

When a man is not married, he surely has some responsibilities towards grown-ups, but after marriage, when some years pass by, those grown-ups are replaced with little ones. Do you think the weight of responsibility was heavier before or now?



5. Added Responsibilities

Those were the days before when it felt so lovely to carry her weight, but now, after marriage, weight matters.



6. Size Does Matter

Obviously, everyone before marriage has a very healthy physique in the case of men, but after marriage, the health part is overtaken by the women. And men are left with a size, that really matters.


7. Bouquet

Earlier, men would appear with a bouquet of flowers to create an impression and provide their proof of love. Now, after getting married, they still appear with the bouquet, but of tomatoes and celery, so that they are provided with the dinner.


8. Slim & Stocky

Men would feel so proud earlier to have someone slim by their side, but after a couple of years in marriage, that slim is no more, instead, you have someone stocky to tag along everywhere.


9. Win-Win

There were times when a man would try to in the heart of his love in every possibility, but now in marriage, he makes sure to win in every way possible with her.


10. Alone-No More

As a bachelor, everyone enjoys the company of self, alcohol, tobacco, and their private movies. But soon after marriage, you have your daughter, wife, the dog, and the family shows to enjoy.

11. Beg A Beggar

One literally had to beg their love one for a date and on today’s date, the tables have turned for the man, when he’s being begged.

12. I Swear

This is the tradition, where men, once upon a time, would swear the world to their beloved and now after the swearing-in-ceremony, swearing has become like a use and throw product.

13. Little Baggage

Gone are those days, when there was very little to carry, but as on today, there is a little one and along with it there are a plenty of little-little things also to carry.

14. Drive Away

A car all to himself before marriage was one of the best things, driving away to paradise whenever they wanted. Now, he has to drive away with paradise all over him. Oh sorry, his car!

15. Fridge Vacancy

The fridge before would narrate, that there was plenty of vacancies available in it, but now the fridge goes on to narrate a no vacancy story.

16. Foody

He may have been foody before he could get married, with just a piece of pizza. Well, now, the food goes on to narrate a different meaning altogether. No more a piece is gonna do the trick, plenty of pieces is the only solution for all foodies.

17. Enjoying Life

Life earlier was full of enjoyment with friends and only friends, right now, after marriage goes on to narrate, that the fun begins from home to the zoo.

18. Carry The Weight

A single life definitely had some weight to carry, be it at the gym, but now, after marriage, those weights still narrate in the form of groceries.

19. Television Viewer

When watching television as a bachelor, you may have been the only viewer, but the time changes after marriage, when the viewers also change along with the programmes.

20. Sleepless At Night

It was never a problem to sleep at night when I was a single guy, but now, I am squashed from all sides, leaving me sleepless at night. The picture below goes on to narrate the true story.

21. A Ride Of Life

All those fancy bikes that were trending back then, would be my baby, along with a sexy baby, sitting on it. Today, I have two babies, with whom I narrate and go on a ride of my life. In fact, it’s more thrilling than before.

22. Income

Whatever as a single man I would earn have now all been added to the other account, that belongs to my second half. And now, I am left with not a single penny to narrate, boast or flaunt.

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